distillacid BSB-939-IR accessories

For gentle acid distillation with a high purification level

The Berghof distillacid BSB-939-IR facilitates slow and gentle distillation with a high purification level. As all parts in contact with media are produced from fluoropolymers, the apparatus is ideally suited for purifying hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Starting with p.a. qualities, purity levels within the ppb to sub-ppb range are achieved after simple distillation. Further purification is possible with multiple distillation.

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Berghof distillacid BSB-939 IR


This is the principle of operation of the distillacid BSB-939-IR: The initial acid is heated using an infrared lamp. The maximum temperature automatically adjusts at 10° C to 20° C below the boiling point of the respective acid. This gentle distillation process allows substances with low volatility, such as salts, to remain in the sediment, so a high degree of purification is achieved. The scope of delivery includes a purity table for correct application of the distillacid BSB-939-IR.

The advantages of the distillacid BSB-939-IR at a glance:

  • Pure acids are permanently available and can be produced at a low price
  • No contamination risk, due to the use of high-grade fluoropolymer components
  • No corrosion, due to the non-use of metal components
  • Simple handling, filling and cleaning
  • Reduction of blank values
  • Increased determination limit

distillacid BSB-939-IR

General information Power 250 W
  Operating pressure 10 - 20° C below boiling point
  Material PTFE / PFA
  degree of purification 10 - 500 ppt
Dimensions width x length x height 400 x 400 x 590 mm
Distillation capacity H20 75 ml / h
  HNO3 50 ml / h
  HCl 50 ml / h
  HF 42 ml / h
Features programmable time switch  

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