Material testing of metal specimens in corrosive liquids

By the use of sample holders metal specimens are fixed into the Berghof reactor. A corrosive liquid is filled into the reactor. The closed reactor is heated up to a certain temperature in order to simulate the operating life. After this process, the metal specimens can be examined on the effects of the corrosive liquid.

Please note: The reactors recommended for this kind of experiments are only suitable for liquids with a corrosive gas phase. For tests with liquids with a non-corrosive gas phase, pleas edownload the application note material testing of metal specimens in liquids.

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Used products


digestec DAB The robusts.

For experiments at up to 250° C and 200 bar and volumes up to 420 ml.

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Metal-free Reactors Wide range of applications.

Extremely simple handling despite the wide range of applications from 310ml to 1.9 liters, 250°C and 200bar.

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