Stay safe: speedwave XPERT Carefree Package

Order the speedwave XPERT until October 15th, 2020, to profit from the speedwave carefree package. The benefit is valued at up to 6,740 €.

The package consists of the following components:

speedwave XPERT vessels

5 years warranty on vessels - free of charge

The warranty includes the vessel bottoms and the caps.

speedwave XPERT consumables

Consumable package - free of charge

Contains alls consumables necessary for 2,500 digestions (lip seal rings, lids and rupture discs).

speedwave XPERT

3 years warranty on the speedwave XPERT - free of charge

In addition to the standard warranty of 2 years on the basic instrument, Berghof offers an additional year of warranty.


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More about speedwave XPERT

Microwave Digestion

speedwave XPERT Innovative technologies for reliable digestions

Maximum flexibility for digestions up to 260° C and 100 bar.

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Order the speedwave XPERT until October 15th, 2020, to benefit from the speedwave carefree package.

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