General requirements

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Temperature is a parameter that is actively influenced by the microwave. Pressure is only a by-product which, however, is also a critical parameter in regard to safety. In general, the following requirements must be met by sensor systems:

  • No absorption: Even a strong microwave field must not influence the sensor. Shielded sensors have the disadvantage that they do not always work absolutely interference-free and are also unwieldy.
  • Fast reaction time: To be able to control spontaneous exothermic reactions effectively the measuring speed of the sensors must be high and without delay.
  • No contamination: The sensor must not contaminate the sample.
  • No corrosion: All components in the oven must be absolutely corrosion resistant. Coated sensors and tubing systems are disadvantageous.
  • Direct measurement: The reaction parameters must be determined directly in each vessel in the shortest time possible so that the output can be controlled efficiently and safely.