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Suitable for complex experiments: the high-pressure reactors BR-300, BR-500 and BR-700. A wide range of accessories forms the basis for customer specific configurations. All three basic reactor vessels can be used with or without PTFE inserts. Therefore, these high pressure reactors can be used for volumes up to 980 ml.

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Temperature max. 300 °C
Pressure max. 200 bar
Volume max. 980 ml
Berghof high-pressure reactors BR-300/500/700
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Technical Specifications: BR-300/500/700




General informationMaterialStainless Steel 316Ti (1.4571) or Hastelloy C-22 (2.4602)
Temperature max.300° C300° C300° C
Pressure max.200 bar200 bar200 bar
Reactor VesselVolumeapprox. 390 mlapprox. 630 mlapprox. 980 ml
Inner Diameter68 mm68 mm68 mm
Inner Height108 mm175 mm271 mm
Weightapprox. 4 kgapprox. 6 kgapprox. 8.5 kg
TFM™-PTFE Insert* (integrated)Volumeapprox. 310 mlapprox. 500 mlapprox. 800 ml
Inner Diameter62.5 mm62.5 mm62.5 mm
Inner Height98 mm165 mm261 mm
ArmaturesStandard ArmaturesRupture Disc, Dip Tube, Valve, Tool
Pressure Measurementanalog and/or digital
Ports (total)666
Ports (free)2**2**2**
Type of connection8 mm Tube Connection
Heating Systems (optional)Electrical (Hot Plate)--
Electrical (Heating Jacket)
Via Fluid (Double Jacket)
Via Fluid (Heating Coil)
StirringVia Hot Plate--
RV-100 (Magnetic Drive)

* When using PTFE inserts the maximum allowable temperature is 230° C
** The number of free ports can be enlarged by the use of T-connections

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Range of Applications


  • Syntheses like hydrogenation of C-C triple bonds or homogeneous/heterogeneous catalysis
  • Catalysts research like test of catalysts consisting of liquid or solid materials


  • Material testing like aging tests of e.g. elastomers, ceramics or metal parts

Product Description

As all Berghof high-pressure reactors, the reactors of the BR-300, BR-500 and BR-700 series are available in models made of stainless steel or hastelloy. Due to the innovative construction of the reactor vessels, they can be used both with and without PTFE inserts. Hence, acquisition costs can be reduced tremendously.

Thanks to the large variety of extensions, the BR-300, BR-500 and BR-700 reactors are ideal for complex procedures. The following accessories form the basis for individual configurations:

  • Different optional heating concepts (electrical or via fluid)
  • Optional stirring via hot plate or magnetic drive
  • Various agitator geometrics
  • Cooling via double jacket

The different accessories are combined by standard components, such as rupture disc, valve, dip tube and a tool for a safe opening and closing of the reactors. Furthermore, useful supplies like sample holders are available. All reactors of these series have six ports (8 mm tube connection), of which two are free for individual use. The use of t-connections helps to increase the number of free ports.

Usually, these high-pressure reactors are used for synthesis and catalyst researches. Moreover, the size of the reactor vessels allows the use for material test, e.g. in the automotive sector.



BTM Thermostatic JacketFor heating and cooling of Berghof high-pressure reactors

Constant heating or cooling by means of fluid.

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BTC-3000 Temperature ControllerFor controlled heating processes

Monitoring and controlling of heating for all Berghof reactors.

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BTC-1000 Temperature ControllerFor controlled heating processes

Effective heating processes for both Berghof reactors and pressure vessels.

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BHM Heating JacketFor Berghof high-pressure reactors BR-300 to BR-2000

Electric heating jacket for consistent heating processes.

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BRM-1 Stirrer DriveFor a consistant stirring at up to 2,000 rpm

For Berghof reactors BR-300 to BR-200 as well as NR-1500 and NR-3000

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BRM-2 Stirrer DriveFor consistant stirring at up to 500 rpm

For Berghof reactors BR-300 to BR-2000 as well as NR-1500 and NR-3000.

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BDL-3000 Data LoggerFor reliable recording of temperature and pressure profiles

Suitable for all Berghof reactors.

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Sample HoldersFor material and corrosion testing

Suitable for all Berghof reactors.

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Catalyst BasketFor catalysis research

Berghof offers different types of catalysis baskets for applications in the field of catalysis research

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Application Notes

Material Testing of Elastomers in Coolants

Test samples of elastomers are prepared in coolants for tensile tests using Berghof reactors.

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Material Testing of Elastomers in Blow-by-mixtures

Using Berghof reactor technology, elastomers can be prepared in blow-by-mixtures for tensile tests.

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Quality Control of Raw and Starting Materials

Raw and starting materials can be tested by the use of Berghof BR high-pressure reactors.

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Selective Hydrogenation of Polyunsaturated Hydrocarbons

Berghof BR reactors are suitable for homogenous and heterogenous catalyses of minimum quantities.

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Synthesis of Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

Berghof reactors for hydrothermal syntheses or for both sol-gel synthesis and hydrothermal synthesis.

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Case Studies

PharmaFluidics counts on Berghof reactor technology for the production of μPACTM columns.

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