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Pressure vessels

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The pressure vessels DAB-2, DAB-3 and DAB-3 XXL are equipped with a rupture disc as standard. The medium-affected components of the vessels are made of PTFE. For the DAB-2, DAB-3 and DAB-3 XXL vessles, Berghof offers equivalent heating blocks. Furthermore, the pressure vessles can be heated within an oven.

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Temperature max. 250 °C
Pressure max. 200 bar
3 Vessel Options
Berghof DAB-2/3/3XXL pressure vessels

Technical Specifications: DAB-2/3/3XXL




General informationMaterialStainless Steel 316Ti (1.4571) in combination with TFM™-PTFE
Temperature max.250° C250° C250° C
Pressure max.200 bar200 bar200 bar
Reactor vesselOuter diameterapprox. 54 mmapprox. 98 mmapprox. 98 mm
Total heightapprox. 240 mmapprox. 250 mmapprox. 330 mm
TFM™-PTFE Insert (integrated)Volumeapprox. 25 ml / approx. 50 mlapprox. 150 ml / approx. 210 mlapprox. 420 ml
Inner diameter18 mm / 24 mm44 mm / 53 mm55 mm
Inner height108 mm / 108 mm90 mm / 97 mm176 mm
ArmaturesStandard armaturesRupture Disc
Heating systems (optional)Hot block
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Range of Applications

Food & feed

  • Digestion of inhomogeneous samples (big amounts)

Environment & geology

  • Digestion of soil


  • Digestion of difficult to digest samples
  • Solvothermal synthesis
  • Material testing like aging tests

Product Description

The pressure vessels DAB-2, DAB-3 and DAB-3 XXL have a wide range of applications. They can be used ideally for digestions of big sample amounts or inhomogeneous samples, like soil or milk powder. Furthermore, they are often used for solvothermal synthesis or for material tests like aging tests.

The DAB-2, DAB-3 and DAB-3 XXL pressure vessels convince by an easy handling and can be operated using one hand only. In addition, an opening station is available. By the use of this station, opening the pressure vessels becomes even more easy. Different heating systems allow the heating of various pressure vessels at the same time.



DAB Mounting ToolsFor an easy handling

Set of mounting tools for save closing and opening of DAB vessels.

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DAH Heating BlockFor an even and controlled heating of DAB vessels

Temperature regulation between 50° C and 320° C as well as maximum user safety through insulation and cladding.

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BTC-3000 Temperature ControllerFor controlled heating processes

Monitoring and controlling of heating for all Berghof reactors.

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BTC-1000 Temperature ControllerFor controlled heating processes

Effective heating processes for both Berghof reactors and pressure vessels.

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BDL-3000 Data LoggerFor reliable recording of temperature and pressure profiles

Suitable for all Berghof reactors.

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Sample HoldersFor material and corrosion testing

Suitable for all Berghof reactors.

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Application Notes

Pressure Digestion of Oil

Oil can be digested using the Berghof DAB-3 pressure vessel.

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Pressure Digestion of Rock

Rocks can be digested in an acid solution using the Berghof DAB pressure vessels.

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Pressure Digestion of Graphite

For the digestion of graphite, the Berghof pressure vessel system DAB can be used.

 See application report

Material Testing of Elastomers in Coolants

Test samples of elastomers are prepared in coolants for tensile tests using Berghof reactors.

 See application report

Material Testing of Elastomers in Blow-by-mixtures

Using Berghof reactor technology, elastomers can be prepared in blow-by-mixtures for tensile tests.

 See application report

Synthesis of Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

Berghof reactors for hydrothermal syntheses or for both sol-gel synthesis and hydrothermal synthesis.

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Case Studies

The group of Chemical Technology II of Prof. Dr. Marcus Rose at Technische Universität (TU) Darmstadt uses Berghof digestec pressure vessels.

The Freigeist subgroup of physical chemistry at TU Dresden uses digestec DAB-2 and DAB-3 pressure vessels for hydro- and solvothermal syntheses.

The group of Porous Materials and Carbon Nanostructures of the INCDTIM uses DAB-2 pressure vessels for syntheses.

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