Microwave Digestion

speedwave ENTRY

Focused on the essential

The speedwave ENTRY is especially strong in application areas where cost efficiency is essential. It is therefore often used in routine analytics for standardised digestion tasks in research facilities, education and at universities.

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Temperature max. 220 °C
Pressure max. 75 bar
2 Vessel Options
Berghof microwave speedwave ENTRY

Technical Specifications: speedwave ENTRY

speedwave ENTRY

LoadingFrom the front
Pressure monitoring-
Vessel temperature measurement-
Sample temperature measurementOptical in real-time; maximum temperature
Magnetron power1,000 W
InterfacesUSB, RS-232
Range of applicationsFor routine digestion tasks, ideal for education and universities
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Range of Applications

Food & feed

  • Digestion of beverages, animal products, milk products, fruit, coffee, beer, cereals, nutrients and coconut oil

Pharma & cosmetics

  • Digestion of blood, hair & bone

Environment & geology

  • Digstion of filter/emissions, sediments, soil, sludge, waste water/water, wood


  • Digstion of PET, polyester, bronze


Berghof microwave digestion speedwave ENTRY
Sensor Technology

The speedwave ENTRY also features the patented optical measurement technology speedwave® DIRC, which allows direct and contactless real-time recording of the sample temperature.

In contrast to other methods, the sample temperature is measured with the speedwave ENTRY in all vessels, not just in a reference vessel. The maximum sample temperature is displayed.

speedwave ENTRY sensor technology
Intuitive Operation

Starting the speedwave ENTRY is quick and easy.

  • Easy opening and closing of vessels without tools

  • Pre-programmed applications for routine analytics

  • Start of digestion in just two steps

speedwave XPERT intuitive operation
High Safety Standards

Integrated fume collection and external exhaust unit

  • Released fumes are collected and discharged even if the rupture disc breaks

  • Permanent ventilation of the oven chamber

  • External exhaust unit - recommended when using hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acids

speedwave XPERT safety
High Level of Flexibility

Intelligent vessel concepts for versatile application options:

  • DAP-60K vessels are made completely from TFM-PTFE and show high chemical resistance to all mineral acids as well as high mechanical durability

  • DAQ quartz glass inserts allow digestions of small sample amounts

speedwave ENTRY flexibility

Vessel Options


DAQ-10 DAQ10

Volume60 ml10 ml
Working pressure40 bar75 bar
Operating temperature230° C230° C
Rotor10 vessels24 vessels

Product Description

The speedwave ENTRY allows cost-efficiency in routine analysis. Nevertheless, the microwave system consists of high-quality components and innovative technology.

The PTFE vessels show high chemical resistance to all mineral acids as well as high mechanical durability. Furthermore, the minimal surface porosity of the vessels reduces the risk of cross contamination to a minimum.

In addition, the speedwave ENTRY features the optical sensor technology for contactless real-time recording of the sample temperature.



speedwave Microwave Digestion AccessoriesFor optimized processes in the lab

Useful accessories facilitate everday's lab work.

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distillacid BSB-939-IR accessoriesFor gentle acid distillation with a high purification level

The cost-efficient alternative to achieve highly purified acids.

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speedwave ENTRY External Exhaust UnitFor more safety and fast cooling

For vacuuming exhaust air out of the oven chamber.

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Application Notes

Microwave Digestion of bread (without pressure monitoring)

Digestion of bread using the speedwave ENTRY.

 See application report

Microwave Digestion of PET (without pressure monitoring)

Digestion of PET using the speedwave ENTRY.

 See application report

Microwave Digestion of Emissions according to DN EN 14385 (without pressure monitoring)

Emissions are digested in accordance with DIN EN 14385 using the speedwave ENTRY.

 See application report

Microwave Digestion of Particulate Matter (PM10) according to DIN EN 14902 (without pressure monitoring)

The Berghof speedwave ENTRY allows microwave digestion of particulate matter (PM10) in accordance with DIN EN 14902.

 See application report

Microwave Digestion of wastewater according to EPA 3015A for speedwave ENTRY

Wastewater samples are digested in an acid solution using the Berghof speedwave ENTRY.

 See application report

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