speedwave XPERT Evaporation Unit

For destillative purification of sample solutions

An external evaporation unit can be connected to the speedwave XPERT. This unit concentrates acidic digestion solutions with nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid and hydrochloric acid by distillation at ambient pressure. The escaping acid fumes are condensed and neutralized in a four-stage process in a water-cooled evaporation unit. The evaporation unit is connected to the speedwave XPERT and can be used to concentrate acids or fluids with a boiling point up to 200° C (392° F).

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Berghof speedwave XPERT evapuration unit

Suitable Products

Microwave Digestion

speedwave XPERTInnovative technologies for reliable digestions

Maximum flexibility for digestions up to 260° C and 100 bar.

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