speedwave XPERT Liner System

More flexibility for microwave digestion

Berghof offers a unique liner system to arrange the speedwave XPERT application options even more flexibly. The vessels can be equipped with inserts to support digestion of small sample quantities or complex samples.

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Berghof speedwave XPERT liner system

Technical Specifications: speedwave XPERT Liner System




Volume20 ml17 ml10 ml
Working pressure130 bar100 bar100 bar
Operating temperature230° C230° C230° C
Rotor12 vessels12 vessles36 vessels

Range of Applications

Multi tube system MT

  • Ideal for small sample quantities (200 - 250 mg) and to increase the sample throughput up to 36 samples; made from premium PFA; three samples can be used per vessel

Quartz glass inserts DAQ

  • Suitable for vessel types DAP-60X and DAK-100X; ideal for small sample quantities; very high acid resistance

Product Description

Further solutions from the Berghof liner system

  • High pressure ceramic inserts DAC for difficult to digest samples
  • Mini vessels for clinical samples

Suitable Products

Microwave Digestion

speedwave XPERTInnovative technologies for reliable digestions

Maximum flexibility for digestions up to 260° C and 100 bar.

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