Berghof Reactor Controller

Intuitive. Innovative. Functional.

  • Intuitive operation
  • Auto-tuning
  • System control
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The BRC Controller is easy to use and offers quick access to all important functions and parameters. From simple, manual control to automatic control of small systems, the BRC is the reactor controller of choice.


Intuitive operation

The 7" touch controller offers an intuitive and easy usage.


Auto-tuning allows optimal process control through specifically optimized PID parameters.

System control

Small systems with up to two electrical valves can be switched manually or time-controlled.


Product Description

Everything under control with one controller

Our BRC controller offers quick access to all important parameters and the possibility to switch electric valves directly from the controller. The auto-tuning function allows you to easily and quickly determine PID control values specifically for your system. This reduces fluctuations in target temperature by over 80%, resulting in better reproducibility and fewer unwanted by-products. The BRC can be individually adapted to your needs with modular extensions.



Optimal PID parameters result in faster heating rates and less overshoot when reaching the target temperature. Optimized general PID values are preset for all Berghof highpreactors.

By means of the auto-tuning function, the PID parameters are optimized to the actual filling quantity, the reagents used and the temperature range. Up to 3 parameter sets can be stored and thus optimal test results can be obtained.

Operation modes of temperature control

Different operation modes of temperature control

1. Manual: Simplest mode of operation with manual start. The system heats to the selected target temperature as quickly as possible and maintains it for the specified run time. Stirring is constant at target speed. Valves can be switched manually.

2. Ramp: A simple temperature program consisting of heating, holding and cooling phases is programmed and executed. Stirring is constant at the setpoint speed. Valves can be switched manually.

3. Sequence: Up to 5 ramps can be lined up to follow complex temperature programs. For each ramp, the set speed of the stirring, a pressure limit and valve can also be set.


Intuitive operation

No matter with which of the 4 operating modes - manual - ramp - sequence or autotuning - you are working, you always have all functions and parameters on sight. Simple swiping leads to the next mode. Further detailed information or settings are always just a click away.
Parameter sets are preset for all reactor configurations. In addition, 10 further parameter sets can be individually adapted and saved.

Data logging

By connecting an external PC, the BRHS process controller can also be used as a data logger for documenting the temperature and pressure curves or other standard signals. With the aid of the software supplied, the temperature, pressure, heating power, speed and motor current curves can be recorded via the BRHS.

Software system control

The controller that adapts to your needs - Even the software can be individually adapted to your requirements.

You can choose from the following software packages:

Technical specifications




Technical details Voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  Heating power 3000 W max.
  Temperature sensor PT-100 (2-/4-conductor)
  Temperature range 0-400 °C
  Display 7" Touchscreen
  Weight 2.6 kgs
  Languages en, de
Connection options PT-100 3x
  Pressure sensor 2x
  External valve 2x
  Cooling valve 1x
  Stirrer 1x
  BHM heating mantle 1x
  COM RS-422/RS-232 1x

Application areas and applications

  • Technology

    • Various kinds of synthesis like hydrogenation of C-C triple bonds, synthesis of metal nanoparticles, solvothermal synthesis and drug synthesis
    • Synthesis like hydrogenation of C-C triple bonds or homogenous/heterogeneous catalysis
    • Catalyst research like tests of catalysts consisiting of liquid or solid materials
  • Automotive

    • Material testing like aging tests of e.g. elastomers, ceramics or metal parts
  • Food & Feed

  • Pharma & Cosmetics


Material Testing of Elastomers in Coolants

Test samples of elastomers are prepared in coolants for tensile tests using Berghof reactors.

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Material Testing of Elastomers in Blow-by-mixtures

Using Berghof reactor technology, elastomers can be prepared in blow-by-mixtures for tensile tests.

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Quality Control of Raw and Starting Materials

Raw and starting materials can be tested by the use of Berghof BR high-pressure reactors.

 See application

Screening of Metathesis Catalysts

Berghof BR reactors with smaller volumes are ideal for screening of metathesis catalysts.

 See application

Selective Hydrogenation of Polyunsaturated Hydrocarbons

Berghof BR reactors are suitable for homogenous and heterogenous catalyses of minimum quantities.

 See application

Synthesis of Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

Berghof reactors for hydrothermal syntheses or for both sol-gel synthesis and hydrothermal synthesis.

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Closing and opening station for microwave digestion vessels

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