BRTR-88 Temperature Controller

PID control with auto-tuning

  • Space-saving, simple temperature-control
  • Auto-tuning
  • PID control

The BRTR-88 allows effective heating processes of Berghof reactors and pressure digestion vessels.


Space-saving, simple temperature-control


Auto-tuning allows optimal process control through specifically optimized PID parameters.

PID control


Product Description

The BRTR-88 allows effective heating processes of Berghof reactors and pressure digestion vessels. If process temperature control is sufficient, the BRTR-88 is the control unit of choice. The powerful PID controller with built-in auto-tuning function detects the temperature of the reactor or heater via a PT-100 and regulates the heating power according to the set temperature program.

High compatibility

Compatible with electric heaters with max. 2000W heat output

  • DAB-heaters (DAH-406, DAH-412, DAH-902, DAH-904)
  • BHM-300, -500, -700, -800, -1000, -1500, -2000 and NHM-1500 if only the internal temperature is to be controlled and recorded
2 working modes
  • 2 working modes:
    • On/Off
    • PID with auto-tuning
Connection of one PT-100

Connection of one PT-100

Technical specifications



Power supply 230 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Heaters up to max. 2000 W
Temperature sensor PT-100
Temperatur range RT – 400 °C
Dimensions 115 x 210 x 80 mm (W x D x H)



BRC One controller for everything

Heating, Stirring, Valves - One for all

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Suitable products


digestec DAB The robusts.

For experiments at up to 250° C and 200 bar and volumes up to 420 ml.

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Metal-free Reactors Wide range of applications.

Extremely simple handling despite the wide range of applications from 310ml to 1.9 liters, 250°C and 200bar.

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High-pressure Reactors Individual. Flexible. Functional.

Individually configurable BR reactors are known for their easy handling, flexibility and functionality while providing maximum safety.

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Low-pressure Reactors Easy handling coupled with flexibility.

The individually configurable NR reactors offer easy handling for experiments up to 25bar, 300°C and 100 liters.

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