Berghof Sample Preparation

Reproducible digestion or solvent extraction of the sample is the first fundamental step to successful analysis by ICP, AAS, GC or HPLC.

Unmatched guaranteed vessel durability and easy cleaning by using isostatically pressed TFMTM PTFE.

Greater operator safety with acid collection system, DIRC and top loading.

Warranty includes all TFMTM PTFE pressure vessels in addition to the base unit.

Berghof microwave digestion speedwave XPERT

speedwave XPERT/XTRACT

For professional microwave sample preparation in the fields of environment, food, pharma, geology and material science.

User safety is our top priority, so we have equipped the XPERT with safety features, non-contact pressure and temperature measurement, as well as pressure-tight vessels and a steam collection system. Safe working with highly flammable solvents is possible as an option in the speedwave XTRACT model.

  • Lowest operating costs thanks to long-life vessels
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Meets highest quality & safety standards
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speedwave ENTRY

Simple samples in the areas of food and the environment can be digested quickly and reliably.

Inconspicuous at first glance, the speedwave ENTRY holds first-class equipment for successful digestions. Features such as pressure-tight TFMTM PTFE vessels, DIRC and the steam collection system also guarantee you unparalleled safety.

  • Lowest operating costs thanks to long-life vessels
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Active cooling with fan system.
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Berghof DAB-2/3/3XXL pressure vessels

digestec DAB

Large sample volumes or the most difficult samples? No problem with the Digestec DAB.

Berghof's DAB pressure vessels are particularly characterized by pressure resistance of up to 200 bar, creating perfect solutions for the most complex samples. Furthermore, they are comfortable to use due to their easy handling. The implementation of long digestion times pose no challenges to the DAB pressure vessels and can be implemented safely and simply.

  • Simplest handling
  • Digestion of any kind of samples possible
  • Excellent operating and handling safety
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distillacid BSB939-IR

Lowering costs for ultrapure acids through in-house purification.

Modern analytical laboratories have to perform high-quality analyses in the ultratrace range, but also keep the costs of chemicals and consumables low. The Berghof subboiling apparatus produces quality. Users benefit from guaranteed pure acids at conceivably low procurement costs.

  • Payback typically within 1 year
  • Metal-free system, made exclusively of TFMTM PTFE, PFA and PP, eliminates contamination
  • Suitable for HNO3, HCL and HF.
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Case Studies

Why customers trust in Berghof's innovative laboratory equipment.

digestec DAB-2

„Handy and safe – best description for the Berghof vessels.“

Dr. Mihaela D. Lazar (INCDTIM, Cluj-Napoca)

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digestec DAB-2 und DAB-3

„The autoclaves have withstood all experiment conditions tested. Noteworthy are the easy handling and the high robustness of the reactors as well as their wide range of applications regarding different substance classes.“

Prof. Dr. Marcus Rose (TU Darmstadt, Chemical Technology II)

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speedwave XPERT

„Handy and safe - the best description of Berghof pressure vessels.

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digestec DAB-2 and DAB-3

„The Berghof autoclaves withstand all conditions. The Teflon inserts are easy to clean and resistant.“

Sandra Heckel (Simmchen Group, TU Dresden)

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speedwave XPERT

„Thanks to the optical pressure monitoring of the speedwave XPERT, we are able to generate reproducible microwave digestions and therefore a maximum of reliability.”

Ulrike Morsch (lab technician at Eurofins Agroscience)

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Application areas

Hundred of applications.