Distillacid BSB-939-IR

Acid purification technology from Berghof

Berghof distillacid BSB-939-IR facilitates a slow, gentle distillation with a high level of purification. The fact that all wetted parts are made of fluoropolymers, the system is suitable for purifying hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Starting with p.a. quality, purity within the ppb to sub-ppb range is achieved following simple distillation. Further purification is possible through multiple distillation.

Application principle

Heating takes place on a contract-free basis through an infrared light, which has been set up such that a maximum temperature of about 50 °F – 68 °F below the boiling point of the particular acid can be set without additional temperature regulation. This means that acids are gently heated and impurities are not transported further. All heavy volatile substances, especially salts, remain behind in the residue. Starting with p.a. customary for the industry (for analysis), purity levels in the sub-ppb range are achieved through simple acid distillation.


Advantages of use

  • Highly pure acids are always available
  • No contamination through the use of high quality fluoropolymers
  • No corrosion, as no metal parts
  • Easy operation, filling and purification




Sub-boiling principle

suitable for HF, H2O, HNO3, HCl


Purity achieved
mostly significantly better than < 1 ppb per element, based on p.a. purity. Even higher levels of purity can be achieved through multiple distillation. (see downloadable purity table).


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Product brochure (incl. BSB-939-IR on page 17)

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Purity table


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