Speedwave Microwave Digestion

Microwave Digestion Systems for all requirements

Speedwave XPERT Technical Data

Magnetron Power 2,000 W

Number of vessel options 4 + Liner System

Temperature up to 260° C

Pressure up to 100 bar

Pressure Control Optical

Temperature Control Optical (vessel and sample temperature)

Speedwave ENTRY Technical Data

Magnetron Power 1,000 W

Number of vessel options 2

Temperature up to 220° C

Pressure up to 75 bar

Pressure Control None

Temperature Control Optical (Sample Temperature)

The tasks in the analysis of trace elements are complex: For simple routine analysis to samples that are more challenging, microwave digestion systems that guarantee first-class results are required. With our instrumentation concepts developed to meet the needs of our customers, we provide the right solutions for any expectations and make it possible for our customers to easily and quickly prepare varied samples at predictable costs.

Speedwave Technologies

Patented in situ temperature and pressure monitoring

The patented optical measurement method guarantees users full control over the reaction in all digestion vessels during digestion under elevated temperatures and pressure. The instantaneous temperature and pressure measurement allows spontaneous reactions to be intercepted, thus ensuring a seamless reaction.


Fluoroplastics – properties and production

Information brochure

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Reaction control - control of pressure and temperature

Information brochure about sensor technology

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Long-lasting digestion vessels made of TFM™-PTFE

All digestion vessels are produced in house and made from isostatically molded Berghof TFMTM-PTFE materials. These are characterized by exceptionally high levels of purity and ease of use. The vessels consist of only three components and can be opened and closed manually without the need for special tools. The laborious assembly and centering of the rotor as well as connecting the sensors are a thing of the past. They only need a short time to cool down before they can be changed, without having to ventilate the system first.

The extensive range of different vessel volumes opens the door to exceptional productivity. Users also benefit from the long shelf life. For standard applications, they usually last for over three years. (see downloadable fluoropolymer brochure)

The digestion vessel is covered by the device warranty.

Berghof Fluoroplastics Technology


Increased productivity through ease of operation

The combination of microwave design, vessel design and control of microwaves via mobile devices ensure a safe and uncomplicated laboratory routine. Access to the large application database saves a lot of time on the development of applications. This results in functional digestions users can rely on.