Speedwave XPERT

Innovative Technologies for reliable Digestions

The all-rounder for challenging microwave digestions
This high-performing microwave is tailored for complex digestions of difficult sample material under elevated temperatures and pressures. The sophisticated microwave design combines high-quality materials and innovative sensor technology and guarantees a high level of safety.

Areas of application

Optimized for the digestion of challenging sample materials, Speedwave Xpert is suitable for use in the following areas:

  • Pharma and cosmetics
    active ingredients, raw and final materials

  • Materials science
    building materials, ceramics, polymers, metals, alloys

  • Geology
    minerals and rocks

  • Environment
    ash, contaminated soils, slag

  • Energy
    coal, oil, energy

  • Foods
    samples with a high fat content


The use of two magnetrons with a total output of 2,000 W power significantly increases performance and allows tricky sample material to be digested.


Reaction control - monitoring pressure and temperature

Information brochure about sensor technology

(pdf | 443 KB)

Berghof SwingTop

The toploader design makes it easy to handle: The digestion vessels are inserted individually into the rotor from above and taken out again. It is therefore not necessary to transport a fully loaded rotor. In addition, the robust construction increases safety.

External controller

The microwave is operated via an external controller, which simplifies operation and increases corrosion protection due to being located externally. The controller, which is fitted with a high resolution color touch screen display and boasts the option to be operated via mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet offering an intuitive and flexible method of control. The comprehensive application database helps the user to select the right digestion program.

Patented sensor technology

The patented optical measurement method guarantees users full control over the reaction. The instantaneous temperature and pressure measurement directly in the vessels allows spontaneous reactions to be intercepted, thus ensuring a seamless reaction.

speedwave® DIRC

  • Patented temperature measurement method
  • Optical detection of the sample temperatures in all vessels in real time
  • No reference vessels


speedwave® OTC

  • Contactless detection of the surface temperature of all vessels
  • Increased safety and shelf life of the digestion vessels
  • Individually programmable maximum temperature threshold


speedwave® OPC

  • Patented visual pressure monitoring method
  • Contactless recording of the pressure within the vessel in real time
  • No reference vessels

Overview of digestion vessels

All Berghof pressure vessels can be closed and opened without the need for special tools. The pressure digestion vessels in the DAP series consist of TFM™ PTFE vessels, rupture disc, TFM™-PTFE lid and screw cap.

  • Massive and long-lasting pressure containers made of TFM™ PTFE.
  • Can be opened and closed without tools.
  • Digestion vessel is covered by the device warranty.
  • Controlled release of residual pressure when opening the containers.
  • Digestion vessels can be used with the following mineral acids: HCl, HNO3, HF, H2SO4 and H3PO4.
  • Connection between all vessels and the gas collection system, which safely discharges any nascent gases.
  • Digestion vessel for small sample volumes <6 ml available upon request

DAP-40X rotor with 24 pressure vessels

Vessel type DAP-40X

Volume 40 ml

Working pressure 40 bar

Test pressure 50 bar

Working temperature 230 °C

Rotor 24 vessels

Samples routine samples in food, environmental and medical analytics.

Sample weight 1 g (inorganic) / 0.3 g (organic)

DAP-60X rotor with 12 pressure vessels

Vessel type DAP-60X

Volume 60 ml

Working pressure 40 bar

Test pressure 50 bar

Working temperature 230 °C

Rotor 12 vessels

Samples broad range of applications including anorganic samples such as oxides, metals, alloys, polymers

Sample weight 2 g (inorganic) / 0.4 g (organic)

Optional Accessories quartz inserts DAQ-20H

DAK-100X rotor with 8 pressure vessels

Vessel type DAK-100X

Volume 100 ml

Working pressure 100 bar

Test pressure 130 bar

Working temperature 260 °C

Rotor 8 vessels

Samples difficult to digest, anorganic samples such as oxides, metals, alloys

Sample weight 3 g (inroganic) / 1 g (organic)

Accessories PFA inserts

DAP-100 X rotor with 12 pressure vessels

Vessel type DAP-100X

Volume 100 ml

Working pressure 40 bar

Test pressure 50 bar

Working temperature 200 °C

Rotor 12 vessels

Samples food and environmental samples such as soil, sludge, sewage

Sample weight  2 g (inorganic) / 0.5 g (organic)

Accessories quartz inserts DAQ-22H, PFA inserts