Metal-free Reactors

Wide range of applications.

  • PTFE lining for effective corrosion protection
  • Flexibility and individuality
  • Easy handling
  • Highest Safety Standards
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Only in Berghof DB reactors are all components protected against corrosion by the unique PTFE lining - both in the liquid and gas phases. Handling is extremely simple despite the wide range of applications from 25ml to 1.9 liters, 250°C and 200bar.

Berghof metal-free reactors DB-300/500/700

Case Studies

Why customers trust in innovative laboratory equipment from Berghof.

highpreactor DB-300

„The complete PTFE lining of the reactor as well as of the sensors for temperature and pressure measurement in combination with the simultaneous stirring have been a crucial factor for our purchase decision of the DB-300 reactor.“

André Schirmer (R&D Specialist, Kurita Europe GmbH)

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highpreactor BR-40

„The quality and ease of use of the Berghof reactors is perfect for our research project. Indeed, the ability to rapidly set the reactions up using these reactors is a big advantage over some of the other reactors we have previously had."

Christopher Whiteoak (Researcher, Universidad de Alcalá, Departamento de química orgánica y inorgánica)

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PTFE lining for effective corrosion protection

For the use of highly corrosive media, thick-walled PTFE inserts or a complete PTFE lining of all parts in contact with the media are available. Due to its extraordinary chemical resistance, PTFE is a cost-effective alternative to special alloys.

Flexibility and individuality

Berghof reactors are designed modularly and are configured according to your requirements

Easy handling

With the unique quick-release lock, you can easily open and close the reactor by hand without tools. All fittings can be easily removed and refitted in just a few steps - e.g. for cleaning.

Highest Safety Standards

For added safety, we use only high-quality materials in the construction of the reactors. Berghof sizes, tests and manufactures its high-pressure reactors in accordance with current AD-2000 guidelines. In addition to stainless steel, configurations made of special alloys (e.g. Hastelloy) are also possible.


Berghof metal-free reactors DB-300/500/700
Product Description

For more than 50 years, Berghof has offered comprehensive expertise in the manufacture of reactor systems. Our portfolio includes high-pressure reactors (BR series), low-pressure reactors (NR series), metal-free reactors (DB series) and simple pressure vessels (DAB series). Important common features of all series are the simple, tool-free closing and opening - thanks to the unique quick-release closure - as well as the specially developed PTFE lining, which prevents damage to the reactors by aggressive media. Your benefits: You profit from easy handling and reduced wear.

All Berghof reactors offer you the greatest possible flexibility and functionality with the highest safety standards. Our modular system allows you to configure your reactor to suit your specific needs. Extensive accessories are also part of our portfolio. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for, we can also design reactors and components to meet your individual requirements.

Typical applications of our reactors with or without PTFE lining can be found in chemical synthesis, catalysis research, green chemistry, recycling, electrochemistry, alternative raw materials, hydro- and solvothermal synthesis, nanotechnology, hydrogenations, corrosion tests, aging tests, etc.

Berghof metal-free reactors DB-300/500/700
Berghof reactor technology

As standard, all reactors are equipped with a vent valve, rupture disc, pressure gauge and PT-100. Further valves for gas/liquid sample addition or removal, overflow valves, pressure sensors etc. are added on a modular basis.

Stand Systems

Never lift heavy reactors again

Berghof's comfort stand and lift systems allow fixed installation of all connections due to their Static Lid design. Both lift systems allow easy filling and emptying of the reactors thanks to the swivel function. The BRS-2 table stand for reactors up to 1 l already has the electric jacket heater integrated. It can be easily removed downwards for faster cooling. The BRL-1 is designed for reactors from 1.5 l and offers enough space for you to make optimum use of the reactors' bottom drain valve.



Whether purely electric or via high-precision circulation thermostats, our BHM and BTM heating jackets ensure efficient heat transfer between the heater and the reactor. In addition, the heating jackets offer a safe stand due to their generously dimensioned base plate and effectively prevent the reactors from tipping over.


Our high-performance heating system for small reactors
In addition to the auto-tuning function, the high-performance heating system offers an intelligent stirring system. This stirring system detects disturbances such as a break in the stirring fish movement and thus ensures stirring even without the possibility of visual control. In addition, our high-performance heating system offers you the possibility of air cooling of the reactors, which improves the cooling times and temperature accuracies during rapid heating.

Control System

Everything under control with one controller

Our BRC controller offers quick access to all important parameters and the possibility to switch electric valves directly from the controller. The auto-tuning function allows you to easily and quickly determine PID control values specifically for your system. This reduces variations in target temperature by over 80%, resulting in better reproducibility and fewer unwanted by-products. The BRC can be individually adapted to your needs with modular extensions.

Technical specifications


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General information Material Stainless Steel 316Ti (1.4571)
  Temperature max. 230° C 230° C 230° C
  Pressure max. 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar
  Vessel weight approx. 4 kg approx. 6 kg approx. 8.5 kg
TFM™-PTFE Insert (integrated) Volume approx. 310 ml approx. 500 ml approx. 800 ml
  Inner Diameter 62.5 mm 62.5 mm 62.5 mm
  Inner Height 98 mm 165 mm 261 mm
Armatures Standard Armatures Rupture Disc, Dip Tube, Valve/Tool, Pressure Sensor
  Pressure Measurement digital digital digital
Heating Systems (optional) Electrical (Hot Plate) - -
  Electrical (Heating Jacket)
  Via Fluid (Double Jacket)
Stirring Via Hot Plate - -




General information Material Stainless Steel 316Ti (1.4571)
  Temperature max. 230° C 230° C 230° C
  Pressure max. 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar
  Vessel weight approx. 10.5 kg approx. 13 kg approx. 16 kg
TFM™-PTFE Insert (integrated) Volume approx. 1,000 ml approx. 1,460 ml approx. 1,880 ml
  Inner Diameter 84 mm 84 mm 84 mm
  Inner Height 182.5 mm 264 mm 340 mm
Armatures Standard Armatures Rupture Disc, Dip Tube, Valve/Tool, Pressure Sensor
  Pressure Measurement digital digital digital
Heating Systems (optional) Electrical (Hot Plate) - - -
  Electrical (Heating Jacket)
  Via Fluid (Double Jacket)
Stirring Via Hot Plate - - -
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Application areas and applications

  • Technology

    • Customized applications like experiments with highly corrosive reagents
    • Synthesis of Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

Synthesis of Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

Berghof reactors for hydrothermal syntheses or for both sol-gel synthesis and hydrothermal synthesis.

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BTC-3000 Temperature Controller For controlled heating processes

Monitoring and controlling of heating for all Berghof reactors.

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BHM Heating Jacket For Berghof high-pressure reactors BR-300 to BR-2000

Electric heating jacket for consistent heating processes.

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BDL-3000 Data Logger For reliable recording of temperature and pressure profiles

Suitable for all Berghof reactors.

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BTM Thermostatic Jacket For heating and cooling of Berghof high-pressure reactors

Constant heating or cooling by means of fluid.

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Sample Holders For material and corrosion testing

Suitable for all Berghof reactors.

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