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Berghof Highpreactor high-pressure reactors feature a unique modular design and flexible configuration options. Extraordinary resistance to chemicals is achieved through the use of high quality materials in combination with a durable PTFE lining. A wide spectrum of volumes from 25 ml to 4 l for synthesis up to 2,900 psi and 572 °F, different stirring and heating technologies, as well as temperature regulators and data loggers round out the portfolio.

Ease of handling

The high-pressure reactors can be opened and closed quickly, easily, and with just a few tool-free hand motions using a clamping ring or clamping chain. For service and cleaning work, all connections can be conveniently disconnected and reconnected by the user.


For the optimum regulation and control of reaction parameters, heaters, temperature controllers, stirrers, stand systems, data loggers, and much more round out the portfolio.

Special solutions

The flexible equipment concept permits the creation of customer-specific solutions. Our experts will be happy to help you with configuration.

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Berghof high-pressure reactors are dimensioned, fabricated, and tested in compliance with the European Equipment Directives 2014/68/EU and 2014/29/EU as well as with the German regulations AD-2000. TÜV tests the design as an independent expert and carries out the pressure testing when required for CE marking. Only after pressure testing is complete does a Berghof high-pressure reactor receive the corresponding factory certificate that documents its perfect function before delivery.

Equipment concept

Material concept

The consistent material concept of Berghof high-pressure reactors makes it easy to find the right material for any reaction medium. The high-pressure reactors and fittings are available in pure stainless steel or in Hastelloy. The special feature of Berghof reactors is the thick-walled, several millimeter thick PTFE lining of the reactor vessel and lid. This provides effective protection for all media-wetted parts against corrosive media such as acids and bases. The easily replaceable inserts also serve as practical storage containers for reaction solutions, effectively minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and catalyst poisoning. 


The seal is reliably established using a conical flange lock and a O-ring of PTFE or other materials. This ensures the hermetic seal of the reactor. The materials used for the O-rings have different application-specific features:


  • PTFE has an unbeatable resistance to nearly any chemical and supports application temperatures up to 446 °F.
  • FKM is suitable for application temperatures up to 446 °F. As a true elastomer, FKM has a very restricted chemical resistance in comparison with PTFE.
  • FFKM is suitable for application temperatures up to 572 °F. This fluoropolymer has the best chemical resistance.


Highpreactor BR-25 to BR-2000

Technical Specifications

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