Accessories for high-pressure reactors

Heating, stirring and temperature regulation

The reactor line is rounded out by an extensive line of accessories: Temperature regulators, heating, stirrers with different torque specifications, stand systems, data loggers, software, and much more make work in the laboratory more convenient.

Heating and stirring

Laboratory heating plate with built-in magnetic stirrer for small reactors up to 300 ml

The heating block attachments are heated using a laboratory heating plate. The insulating hood of the heating block is made of coated stainless steel. It permits the rational heating of reactors up to their maximum interior temperature without excessive heat radiation. The magnetic stirrer integrated into the laboratory heating plate controls the magnetic stirring bar in the reactor in a contact-free manner.

Temperature regulation

The temperature can be regulated by manually setting the heating plate temperature on the laboratory heating plate. Alternatively, the interior temperature can be controlled and regulated using the BTC-3000 temperature controller.

Electrical heating jacket

The electrically heated mantles are equipped with insulation hoods of coated stainless steel. Removable reactors can thus be heated to their maximum interior temperature rationally and economically. The overheating protection built into the heating mantle can be set to temperatures between 122 °F and 572 °F.

Temperature regulation

The temperature trend in a reactor is measured by the interior temperature of the reactor, using a thermocouple in the immersion tube. The temperature is controlled and monitored with the BTC-3000 temperature controller. All process data can be stored on an external PC.

Thermostatic jacket

The stainless steel double mantles are heated or cooled with liquid that flows through them. The reactors are not welded to the temperature-controlled mantle. They are simply placed into them, so they can be removed at any time. This significantly reduces the overall weight of the reactor and double mantel. Handling is also considerably simpler.

Temperature regulation

Temperature control is carried out using a circulation thermostat. This is not included in the scope of delivery. Temperature-controlled mantles are preferable to electric heating mantles whenever a constant heating or cooling is required but heating programs are not needed.

Temperature regulation

BTC-3000 temperature controller

The temperature controller combines all the control and regulation parameters into a single compact unit. All the process parameters are easy to access. The build-in data logger can also document them on a PC. 

  • The regulation parameters are freely programmable. The temperature curve is shown graphically on the built-in display.
  • Heating programs are programmed and controlled in up to 6 steps, each consisting of a ramp time, hold time, and temperature.
  • By connecting another temperature probe, a second independent overheating protection can be installed. 
  • The software included in the scope of delivery permits the data recording of temperature, pressure, and stirrer speed.