Highpreactor BR-25 | BR-40

For controlled reactions and synthesis

These high-pressure reactors fit best for tests with source materials that are rather expensive or complicated to produce. Both BR-25 and BR-40 are available in stainless steel and hastelloy. Additionally, they can be equipped with TFMTM-PTFE inserts. The volume of the reactor vessels depend on the specification chosen and may vary from 30 ml up to 68 ml.

The BR 25/40 high-pressure reactor is notable for its ease of use. To seal the reactor, the vessel is simply screwed into the lid by hand. The reactor is sealed using a conical flange connection and O-ring seal of PTFE, FKM, or FFKM. The appropriate fitting inserts are available in stainless steel 1.4571 (SS 316TI) or Hastelloy C-22. A total of 6 connection options are provided in the lid, which can be selected from the following:

  • immersion tube for temperature probes
  • rupture disc of metal for the safe limitation of maximum pressure
  • pressure display
  • vent valve
  • 2 freely selectable, for example for a gas sampling valve or liquid sampling point


Temperature is regulated using a temperature probe which detects the inner temperature of the reactor in an immersion tube. A second temperature probe can optionally be used as an independent overheating safety.