Low-pressure reactors NR-1500 | NR-3000

For controlled reaction and synthesis

Frequently used for DIN-compliant testing of dumbbell test specimen, this compact low-pressure reactor is easy to integrate into your laboratory routine. It is available in stainless steel 1.4571 (SS316TI), Hastelloy C-22 (2.4602), or with a PTFE insert. Different connection options permit the variable configuration of the reactor.


The NR-1500 and NR-3000 low-pressure reactors are locked with a clamping ring. They are sealed using a conical flange connection and O-ring seal of various chemical-resistant fluoropolymers. The appropriate fitting inserts are available in stainless steel 1.4571 (SS 316TI) or Hastelloy C-22 (2.4602). A total of 7 connection options are provided in the lid, which can be selected from the following:

  • immersion tube for temperature probe
  • metal rupture disk
  • pressure display
  • vent valve
  • 3 freely configurable fittings, for example for cooling coils, liquid and gas sampling points, liquid and gas dispensing, pressure relief valve, etc.


The reactors are available with a bottom drain valve in the stainless steel variant. An electric floor stand with fixed head is also available for ease of handling. The reactors can also be equipped with practical sample holding systems.