Metal-free reactors DB-300 | 500 | 700

For controlled reactions in an inert environment

For experiments in which a chemically absolutely inert environment or catalytically inactive materials are required, the use of materials with particular chemical resistance is a must. With their complete PTFE lining of the vessel, lid, and fittings, DB reactors can be used for the safe performance of experiments with highly corrosive media with a minimal risk of contamination. 


  • All components in contact with media in the gaseous or liquid phase are made of PTFE, FFKM, or ceramic
  • Pressure vessel of stainless steel SS 1.4571 and PTFE insert
  • PTFE lid lining
  • Rupture disk protected by PTFE for reliable limitation of maximum pressure
  • PTFE-lined vent valve PTFE immersion tube for temperature probe Chemically inert pressure sensor Locked with clamping ring


  • Purification of diamonds
  • Zeolith synthesis 
  • Hydrothermal synthesis