Pressure Vessels

The DAB-reactors were originally designed for pressure digestions with concentrated mineral acids and offer the highest operation temperature for PTFE lined reactors. The intelligent design enables easy handling and best protection of probe, vessel and user. An ingenious surface tightning system replaces the O-ring leading to further reduction of the already low operation costs.


The unique PTFE lining offers most extensive protection against corrosive media - even in the gas phase.

During operation at 200 bar and up to 250 °C the several millimeter thick PTFE lining of reactor vessel and lid is braced by a stable stainless steel coat. Before and after operation the PTFE vessel is removed easily from the steel coat and serves as a container for the probe. Also, the use of several PTFE vessels allows very high sample throughput.

Screening experiments

Ideal for parallel screening experiments.

Heating blocks with several positions enable screening experiments of up to 48 probes parallel managed by only one controller. Hence, the DAB-system offers highest sample throughput of all Berghof reactors.

Ease of use

Easy handling based on intelligent closing system.

The easy to use closing system enables fast opening and closing of the reactors. Only one screw has to be tightened with a torque wrench to fully close and seal the system.


Meet highest safety standards.

Berghof reactors offers a maximum of safety to the user. All reactors are produced in agreement with the strict AD2000 standard. Each reactor is tested for pressure resistance and tightness. Alloys for reactors are stainless steel (316Ti) and hastelloy (C22) of highest quality and offer next to high pressure and temperature resistance also a high corrosion resistance.


Every configuration is individually check for feasibility and material compatibility by experienced specialists.

Intuitive controller

Modern touch-screen controller with intuitive handling reduces learning time of the users.

Closing station

The reactors can be handle very easily by the use of the special developed closing station.

Pressure Vessel

DAB-2/3/3XXL Pressure vessels

For experiments at up to 250° C and 200 bar and volumes up to 420 ml.

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