Metal-free Reactors

The complete PTFE lining of metal free DB-reactors enable corrosion free working even with hydrochloric acid and HCl gas. The intelligent design allows the control of pressure and temperature during operation.


The unique PTFE lining offers most extensive protection against corrosive media — even in the gas phase.

The stabile several millimeter thick PTFE lining encompass not only the reactor vessel. Also the reactor lid is covered with stable PTFE. All instruments like pressure or temperature sensors are protected against the content of the reactor by high quality PTFE. Therefore DB-reactors offer a unique opportunity to safely handle a corrosive gas phase.


High Flexibility

The ingenious, modular design of Berghof reactors allows the operation of the reactor vessel either with the highly functional BR-reactor lid or with the incomparable corrosion protected DB-reactor lid. Hence, the reactor system is more flexible and reduces acquisition costs.

Ease of use

Easy handling based on innovative quick closing system.

The easy to use quick closing system enables fast opening and closing of the reactor. The system does not require strength or the usage of tools like a torque wrench.


Meet highest safety standards.

Berghof reactors offers a maximum of safety to the user. All reactors are produced in agreement with the strict AD2000 standard. Each reactor is tested for pressure resistance and tightness. Alloys for reactors are stainless steel (316Ti) and hastelloy (C22) of highest quality and offer next to high pressure and temperature resistance also a high corrosion resistance.


Every configuration is individually check for feasibility and material compatibility by experienced specialists.

Intuitive controller

Modern touch-screen controller with intuitive handling reduces learning time of the users.

Pressure Vessel

DB-300/500/700 Metal-free reactor

For experiments with highly corrosive reagents at up to 230° C and 200 bar and volumes up to 800 ml.

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Pressure Vessel

DB-1000/1500/2000 Metal-free reactor

For experiments with highly corrosive reagents at up to 230° C and 200 bar and volumes up to 1,880 ml.

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