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Frequently asked questions reactors

Why does the temperature inside the reactor not reach the required temperature?

Please make sure that the heating plate heats up to at least 50° C more than the required temperature. The regulation of the temperature will be operated by the Berghof temperature controller. It is therefore important that the regulation process is not limited by the regulations of the heating plate.

Why does the heating plate not start heating?
  • Please make sure that the heating plate is turned on and heating is activated.
  • Then check if cabling is in accordance with the instructions of the BTC-3000 manual (Chapter 3.2.4 Installation with BLH-650). It is important that the power supply unit of the adapter box is NOT connected. The unit has only to be used in combination with a BTC-1000 or a BDL-3000.
  • When using pressure sensors, make sure that the measuring range is installed according to the type of sensor used (e.g. 0-25 bar, 0-250 bar, etc.). The indicated pressure limit has to be between 5 to 10 bar higher than the desired pressure inside the reactor.
Why does the BDL-3000 not communicate with the computer program?

Open the hardware settings of the BDL-3000 software by pressing the “F6” button. Please check, that in each line the correct COM-Port number is written. If necessary, change the COM-Port numbers by marking all lines and then pressing the “Modify” button. After you have made the necessary changes, please confirm by pressing “OK”. Further information can be found in the BDL-3000 manual in chapter 4.1 – Hardware Menu

Frequently asked questions microwave digestion

How can big temperature differences between the various digestion vessels be avoided?

There is no chance to completely avoid smaller temperature differences (10° C to 20° C) due to the physical characteristics of microwave radiation.
Bigger temperature differences can be avoided by putting an even number of vessels into the oven chamber and arrange them symmetrically. It is therefore useful to start digestion processes using 2,4,6,8 or 10 DAP-60/DAP-100 vessels respectively 2,4, or 8 DAK-100 vessels. If you have to digest fewer samples, you can use a vessel for a blind digestion in order to get the even number of vessels for the symmetrical positioning.