Design features: reactor design

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Berghof reactors are modular in design and can be configured to suit specific needs.

Each reactor has a container, lid and locking mechanism. Berghof offers easy-to-handle quick-lock systems operating with the safety key. This is mounted on the reactor during operation and must be unscrewed to open the quick lock. This provides unique forced ventilation and freedom from pressure before opening, and thus maximum safety. The following components must always be mounted to enable safe operation of a high-pressure reactor. They must never be blocked or damaged in their function:

  • Rupture disc as overpressure protection
  • Gas valve for pressure relief before opening
  • Forced ventilation with safety key

In addition, temperature and pressure measurement is recommended in order to know these critical process parameters at any time and to be able to control the reactor accordingly. All other components are optional and not crucial for safety.