Connection of fittings

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Berghof only uses compression fittings to connect valves. This allows users to disassemble and reassemble fittings at any time or simply replace them themselves. Pressure-tight sealing is simple and can be performed reliably without any special experience.

Initial installation of compression fittings

  1. Insert the tube fully into the fittings and press it against the shoulder; hand-tighten the nut. Note for high pressure applications: Continue tightening the nut until the tube can no longer be turned by hand or moved axially in the fitting.
  2. Mark the nut at the marked position.
  3. Hold the fitting body and tighten the nut one and one-quarter turns (blue arrow). (1/16, 1/8, 3/16 inch and 2, 3, 4mm tube fitting, tighten the nut three quarters (red arrow).


Please dismantle the pipe fittings only when the device is not under pressure

  1. Before disassembly, use a marking tool and
  2. Mark the SS tube on the back of the swagelock nut, then mark a line along the nut and the flats of the connector
  3. Fix the connector with a wrench and unscrew the nut counterclockwise with a second wrench.
  4. Finally remove the SS tube with the nut


  1. Insert the stainless steel tube with the pre-twisted ferrules into the gland until the front ferrule is against the gland body of the male connector.
  2. Screw the nut clockwise by hand (if necessary, lightly lubricate the thread of the housing and the rear surface of the rear ferrule).
  3. Secure the connector with a wrench and lightly tighten the nut clockwise with a second wrench ≤90°degrees (one-quarter turn, 8mm pipe) or ≤45°degrees (one-eighth, 1/8" pipe).