Legally compliant operation

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To ensure safe operation of the high-pressure reactors within the specified limits, all BERGHOF high-pressure laboratory reactors are designed, manufactured and tested with the utmost care. However, the purchaser is solely responsible for the selection of the reactor. He must ensure that it is sufficiently dimensioned for the planned application and that the materials used are suitable for this. BERGHOF will be pleased to advise you in these matters and to provide information material. Due to the special risk that can emanate from pressure vessels, these are classified in Germany as "systems requiring monitoring". This classification is independent of the maximum operating pressure and vessel volume. It therefore applies to all Berghof laboratory high-pressure reactors. According to § 12 Para. 1 BetrSichV, the operator must assemble, install and operate a system requiring monitoring in accordance with the state of the art. According to Paragraph 3, he must maintain the plant in proper condition, monitor it, carry out any necessary repair or maintenance work without delay and take the safety measures required by the circumstances. A system requiring monitoring may not be operated if it has defects that could endanger employees or third parties (Section 12 (5) BetrSichV). In order to fulfill these obligations, the operator must determine the necessary measures for the safe operation of a system requiring inspection on the basis of a safety assessment. The determination of the inspection intervals according to § 15 para. 1 BetrSichV is based on this assessment. A separate safety assessment is not required if it has already been carried out as part of the risk assessment as defined in § 3 BetrSichV. Berghof offers maintenance contracts which also include the periodic inspections according to § 15 para. 1 BetrSichV.