Overpressure protection and forced ventilation

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Overpressure protection

Each reactor is supplied with a rupture disc as an overpressure protection. The response pressure of these bursting discs usually corresponds to the maximum permissible operating pressure. On request, lower designed bursting discs can also be installed and thus the maximum pressure protected can be adapted to the actual operating range. An overflow valve can be used as an additional, redundant overpressure protection. The response pressure of this valve is to be defined with the order, whereby it should sensibly be at least 10% below the bursting pressure of the bursting disc. This valve opens when the response pressure is exceeded and then closes again automatically. For safe discharge of the hot gases, both overpressure safety devices can be connected to an exhaust system via pressure hoses or lines.

Forced ventilation

The easy-to-handle quick-lock system is opened or locked with the aid of a safety key. The safety key is mounted on the reactor during operation and must be unscrewed to open the quick lock. This ensures forced ventilation and freedom from pressure before opening.