BR-800/H2 – Hydrogenation @its best!

Automatic. Flexible. Safe. Simple.

  • Automatic
  • Flexible
  • Safe
  • Simple
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Systag and Berghof are collaborating in the field of hydrogenation and other reactions with gases. The BR-800/H2 combines the best of both worlds: automatic process control and high-pressure reactors.

The fully automatic hydrogenation reactor BR-800/H2 was specifically designed for hydrogenations or reactions with other reactive gases. All process steps are automated, from leakage testing and gas purging to the final reaction solution. Operation according to SOP recipes is possible, making your process reproducible and independent of the operator.

Case Studies

Why customers trust in innovative laboratory equipment from Berghof.

highpreactor BR-40

"La calidad y la facilidad de uso de los reactores Berghof son perfectas para nuestro proyecto de investigación. De hecho, la capacidad de poner en marcha rápidamente las reacciones utilizando estos reactores es una gran ventaja con respecto a otros reactores que hemos tenido anteriormente."

Christopher Whiteoak (Investigador, Universidad de Alcalá, Departamento de química orgánica e inorgánica)

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highpreactor BR-300

"El reactor de alta presión ha funcionado de forma excelente en todas las condiciones experimentales probadas. Tanto el fácil manejo como la la gran robustez del reactor son destacables, así como la amplia gama de aplicaciones."

Prof. Dr. Jordi Llorca (NEMEN, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

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Would you like to become our next reference customer?

highpreactor DB-300

"La combinación de los componentes individuales para diferentes montajes experimentales nos permite un despliegue múltiple del reactor DB-300 y, por tanto, una reducción de costes. El fácil manejo de los reactores, a menudo pesados, fue otra razón para la decisión de compra."

Dr. Duygu Disci, (Innovation Manager CSV & Energy at Kurita Europe GmbH)

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highpreactor BR-40, BR-200 y BR-300

"La facilidad de manejo, la robustez, la presión nominal de hasta 200 bar, la compatibilidad con los disolventes junto con la posibilidad de personalizar la configuración completa para el proceso de PharmaFluidics, son las principales ventajas de los reactores Berghof".

Kurt van Mol (ingeniero de investigación, PharmaFluidics)

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Manually or fully automatic recipe mode according to SOP


Modularly expandable and easy implementation for peripheral devices.


Meets the highest safety standards with comprehensive protection and maintenance.


Quick-release closure and intuitive controls for easy handling.


Product Description

The fully automatic hydrogenation reactor BR-800/H2 was specifically designed for hydrogenations or reactions with other reactive gases. All process steps are automated, from leakage testing and gas purging to the final reaction solution. Operation according to SOP recipes is possible, making your process reproducible and independent of the operator.

Easy handling
  • With the unique quick-release fastener, you can open and close the reactor easily and simply by hand without tools.

  • All fittings can be easily removed and refitted in just a few steps - e.g. for cleaning or component replacement.


The gas supply before and during the reaction is managed via the gas board prepared for wall mounting. The reactor is supplied with inert gas, vacuum, or reactive gas through it. The control is carried out via 4 pneumatic valves and a gas flow controller, which are controlled by the software. The pressure in the reactor is kept constant, reactive gas is dosed accordingly, and the consumed gas quantity is measured.


As standard, all reactors are equipped with a vent valve, rupture disc, pressure gauge and PT-100. Further valves for gas/liquid sample addition or removal, overflow valves, pressure sensors etc. are added on a modular basis.

PTFE lining

PTFE lining for effective corrosion protection

  • For the use of highly corrosive media, thick-walled PTFE inserts or a complete PTFE lining of all wetted parts are available. Due to its exceptional chemical resistance, PTFE is a cost-effective alternative to special alloys.

  • Media contact of the reactor vessel is prevented by the O-ring seal in combination with the PTFE insert and cover lining.

  • In addition to unsurpassed corrosion protection, they benefit from reduced contamination and easier cleaning. PTFE inserts also serve as practical storage vessels for reaction mixtures.

Systag cPAT process control

The cPAT process control by Systag is a platform for modular and flexible process automation. All process parameters (reaction temperature, stirring, operating pressure, gas consumption) are centrally controlled, and all reaction data is comprehensively recorded. Existing devices can be easily integrated, and the RemoteX software can be modularly expanded. The control is carried out via a touch display or with a mouse and keyboard on an external screen.


Our low-maintenance and powerful magnetic coupling ensures reliable mixing of the reactor contents with a variety of different stirrer geometries. All Berghof components are also designed for easy cleaning.

Whether gas entrainment stirrer, jet stirrer or anchor stirrer - our wide range of stirrer geometries guarantees optimum mixing of your reaction solution.

Highest Safety Standards
  • We use only high quality materials for reactor construction such as SS316TI and Hastelloy C-22.

  • Berghof sizes, tests and manufactures its high pressure reactors in accordance with current AD-2000 guidelines.

  • TÜV Süd approves each vessel design for highest international safety standards

  • Certificated pressure tests for safety and tightness for each reactor

  • Externally controlled pressure tests for reactors with a volume of 1L or bigger

  • All reactors are equipped with a rupture disc

  • Safe opening key for all quick lock systems


Both the reactor and the software are modularly expandable. The reactor lid can be individually prepared to accommodate liquid addition, various probes, catalyst baskets, electrodes, and cable feedthroughs. If necessary, reactors and components can be specially designed according to your requirements.

The RemoteX software is extendable with modules for distillation, liquid addition, etc. Existing peripheral devices such as thermostats, pumps, sensors, etc. can be easily integrated.

Technical specifications



Material Stainless steel (1.4571, SS316TI) or Hastelloy C-22 (2.4602) Stainless steel with PTFE lining
Pressure range 0.1 bar to 200 bar
Temperature range -40°C to 300°C -40°C to 230°C

RV-GL magnetic coupling  with electric stirrer motor  max. 1.2Nm / 2000rpm

ATEX Code II2 2G Ex h IIC T6-T1 Gb X

Volume & Dimensions 990 ml at 90 mm x 155 mm (Ø x h) 800 ml at 84 mm x 144 mm (Ø x h)
Safety device Bursting disc, safety key
Fittings 8mm compression ring

7‘ touch display or mouse and keyboard with external monitor


Safety monitoring of temperature and pressure

Operating modes

Manual operation or recipe operation possible

Data backup

ASCII file of all process data


8x universal I/Os (analog or digital)

4x PT-100 input

6x RS232 for serial communication

4x Ethernet RJ45 for network connection and serial devices

3x USB ports

Power supply control

230 V ±10 % / 50 Hz

Board for gas supply
Flow controller

max. 200 bar, 0.024 – 1.2 NL/min for H2, RS-232

Bypass for initial pressure buildup


3x gas inlet for inert gas, reactive gas, and venting/vacuum

1x gas outlet  to reactor

4x pneumatic valve, pressureless closed

4x pneumatic control with I/O 0-24V

1x compressed air, 4 - 6 bar


Application areas and applications

  • Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals

    • Hydrogenations
    • Carboxylations
  • Automotive

    • Material testing in H2 atmosphere
  • Food & Feed

    • Selective hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons
    • Shelf life tests in air/O2 atmosphere

Hidrogenación selectiva de hidrocarburos poliinsaturados

Los reactores Berghof BR son adecuados para catalizadores homogéneos y heterogéneos de cantidades mínimas.

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Closing and opening station for microwave digestion vessels

 See accessory

Controlador de temperatura BTC-3000 Para procesos de calentamiento controlados

Seguimiento y control de la calefacción de todos los reactores Berghof.

 See accessory

Chaqueta de calefacción BHM Para los reactores de alta presión Berghof BR-300 a BR-2000

Chaqueta de calefacción eléctrica para procesos de calentamiento consistentes.

 See accessory

Registrador de datos BDL-3000 Para un registro fiable de los perfiles de temperatura y presión

Apto para todos los reactores Berghof.

 See accessory

Accionamiento del agitador BRM-1 Para una agitación constante de hasta 2.000 rpm

Para los reactores Berghof BR-300 a BR-200 así como NR-1500 y NR-3000

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Portamuestras Para pruebas de materiales y corrosión

Apto para todos los reactores Berghof.

 See accessory

Chaqueta termostática BTM Para el calentamiento y la refrigeración de los reactores de alta presión Berghof

Calentamiento o enfriamiento constante por medio de un fluido.

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Accionamiento del agitador BRM-2 Para una agitación constante de hasta 500 rpm

Para los reactores Berghof BR-300 a BR-2000, así como NR-1500 y NR-3000.

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Cesta catalizadora Para la investigación en catálisis

Berghof ofrece diferentes tipos de cestas de catálisis para aplicaciones en el campo de la investigación de catálisis

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