digestec DAB

The robusts.

  • The simplest handling
  • Digestion of any type of sample possible
  • Excellent operating and handling safety
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The Berghof pressure digestion system masters even the most difficult digestions up to 250°C, 200bar, 72h and 5 g sample weight.

Case Studies

Why customers trust in innovative laboratory equipment from Berghof.

digestec DAB-2 und DAB-3

"Los autoclaves han resistido todas las condiciones de experimentación probadas. Cabe destacar el fácil manejo y la gran robustez de los reactores, así como su amplia gama de aplicaciones en relación con diferentes clases de sustancias."

Prof. Dr. Marcus Rose (TU Darmstadt, Tecnología Química II)

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digestec DAB-2 and DAB-3

"Los autoclaves Berghof soportan todas las condiciones. Los insertos de teflón son fáciles de limpiar y resistentes".

Sandra Heckel (Simmchen Group, TU Dresden)

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digestec DAB-2

"Práctico y seguro: la mejor descripción para los recipientes Berghof".

Dr. Mihaela D. Lazar (INCDTIM, Cluj-Napoca)

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The simplest handling

The locking system allows the reactor to be opened and closed quickly and safely in just a few steps.

Digestion of any type of sample possible

Digestion times of up to 72 h at 250°C are possible. This allows digestion of even the most challenging samples.

Excellent operating and handling safety

This is ensured by rupture discs as well as design, production and testing in accordance with AD-2000 and Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.


Product Description

The most difficult sample materials or sample quantities up to 5 g can be digested with the digestec pressure digestion system. Digestion times of up to 72 h at 250°C are possible, making it the ideal digestion system for customers who have challenging samples or constantly need to digest new materials.

A new field of application is screening approaches in hydrothermal or solvothermal synthesis.

Ease of use

Easy handling based on intelligent closing system.

The easy-to-use closing system enables fast opening and closing of the reactors. Only one screw has to be tightened with a torque wrench to fully close and seal the system.


The unique TFMTM-PTFE lining offers most extensive protection against corrosive media - even in the gas phase.

During operation at 200 bar and up to 250 °C the several millimeter thick TFMTM-PTFE lining of reactor vessel and lid is braced by a stable stainless steel coat. Before and after operation the TFMTM-PTFE vessel is removed easily from the steel coat and serves as a container for the probe. Also, the use of several TFMTM-PTFE vessels allows very high sample throughput.

Screening experiments

Ideal for parallel screening experiments.

Heating blocks with several positions enable screening experiments of up to 48 probes parallel managed by only one controller. Hence, the DAB-system offers highest sample throughput of all Berghof reactors.


Easy handling and maximum user safety

  • Bayonet lock for easy and fast opening and closing
  • Overpressure protection by means of rupture disc
  • Controlled pressure release when opening
  • Designed and manufactured according to AD 2000 and Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU

Technical Specifications





General information Material Stainless Steel 316Ti (1.4571) in combination with TFM™-PTFE
  Temperature max. 250° C 250° C 250° C
  Pressure max. 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar
Reactor vessel Outer diameter approx. 54 mm approx. 98 mm approx. 98 mm
  Total height approx. 240 mm approx. 250 mm approx. 330 mm
TFM™-PTFE Insert (integrated) Volume approx. 25 ml / approx. 50 ml approx. 150 ml / approx. 210 ml approx. 420 ml
  Inner diameter 18 mm / 24 mm 44 mm / 53 mm 55 mm
  Inner height 108 mm / 108 mm 90 mm / 97 mm 176 mm
Armatures Standard armatures Rupture Disc
Heating systems (optional) Hot block

Application areas and applications

  • Food & feed

    • Digestion of inhomogeneous samples (big amounts)
  • Environment & geology

    • Digestion of soil
  • Technology

    • Digestion of difficult to digest samples
  • Solvothermal synthesis

    • Material testing like aging tests

Síntesis de materiales microporosos y mesoporosos

Reactores Berghof para síntesis hidrotermales o para síntesis sol-gel y síntesis hidrotermales.

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Pruebas de materiales de elastómeros en refrigerantes

Las muestras de elastómeros se preparan en refrigerantes para los ensayos de tracción utilizando reactores Berghof.

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Pruebas de materiales de elastómeros en mezclas por soplado

Gracias a la tecnología de reactores de Berghof, se pueden preparar elastómeros en mezclas por soplado para ensayos de tracción.

 See application

Digestión a presión de aceite

El aceite se puede digerir con el recipiente a presión DAB-3 de Berghof.

 See application

Digestión a presión de rocas

Las rocas pueden ser digeridas en una solución ácida utilizando los recipientes a presión DAB de Berghof.

 See application

Digestión a presión de grafito

Para la digestión de grafito se puede utilizar el sistema de recipientes a presión DAB de Berghof.

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Controlador de temperatura BTC-3000 Para procesos de calentamiento controlados

Seguimiento y control de la calefacción de todos los reactores Berghof.

 See accessory

Registrador de datos BDL-3000 Para un registro fiable de los perfiles de temperatura y presión

Apto para todos los reactores Berghof.

 See accessory

Bloque de calefacción DAH Para un calentamiento uniforme y controlado de los recipientes DAB

Regulación de la temperatura entre 50° C y 320° C, así como máxima seguridad para el usuario mediante el aislamiento y el revestimiento.

 See accessory

Portamuestras Para pruebas de materiales y corrosión

Apto para todos los reactores Berghof.

 See accessory

Herramientas de montaje DAB Para un fácil manejo

Juego de herramientas de montaje para cerrar y abrir de forma segura los recipientes DAB.

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