speedwave ENTRY

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  • Lowest operating costs - guaranteed
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Active cooling with fan system
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The ideal microwave digestion system for routine environmental, food and pharmaceutical analysis. Cost-efficient - Safe - User-friendly


Lowest operating costs - guaranteed

Thanks to the unsurpassed durability of the vessels, they are included in the warranty of the basic unit. The warranty can be extended to 5 years.

Simple, intuitive operation

Vessels are easy to open, close and clean manually. Sensors do not need to be connected and the software is intuitive to use.

Active cooling with fan system

Active cooling enables high sample throughput and avoids corrosion.


Product Description

The speedwave ENTRY shows its strengths in application areas where cost efficiency is a key issue. It is therefore used in routine analysis in environmental, food and pharmaceutical applications. Easy to operate, yet cost-efficient and safe.

Sensor Technology

The speedwave ENTRY also features the patented optical measurement technology speedwave® DIRC, which allows direct and contactless real-time recording of the sample temperature.

In contrast to other methods, the sample temperature is measured with the speedwave ENTRY in all vessels, not just in a reference vessel. The maximum sample temperature is displayed.

Intuitive Operation

Starting the speedwave ENTRY is quick and easy.

  • Easy opening and closing of vessels without tools

  • Pre-programmed applications for routine analytics

  • Start of digestion in just two steps

External exhaust unit

The additional suction unit permanently ventilates the furnace chamber and ensures that the specimens cool down more quickly. Highest sample throughputs are thus possible.


Vessels from Berghof significantly reduce the running costs for microwave digestions. Due to high-quality processing and outstanding lifetime, the cost per digestion for Berghof vessels is € 0.30 only.

In comparison: Vessels from other vendors generate average costs of € 1.00 per digestion. This means that the running costs can be reduced by approx. € 7,000 for 10,000 digestion cycles

Corrosion protection reduces repair costs

In operation, all vessels are connected to a gas collection system, which collects any acid vapors released and and feeds it to the exhaust air. This effectively prevents acid vapors from entering the furnace chamber and thus corrosion of various sensors, components, or parts caused.

Technical specifications



DAQ-10 DAQ10

Volume 60 ml 10 ml
Working pressure 40 bar 75 bar
Operating temperature 230° C 230° C
Rotor 10 vessels 24 vessels


Type of vessel TS-85
Power supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Speed range 45 - 90 rpm
Weight ca. 4,5 kg
Dimensions 230 x 277 x 152 mm (W x D x H)
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Application areas and applications

  • Food & feed

    • Digestion of beverages, animal products, milk products, fruit, coffee, beer, cereals, nutrients and coconut oil
  • Pharma & cosmetics

    • Digestion of blood, hair & bone
  • Environment & geology

    • Digestion of filter/emissions, sediments, soil, sludge, waste water/water, wood
  • Technology

    • Digestion of PET, polyester, bronze

Digestión de pan por microondas (sin control de presión)

Digestión del pan mediante la speedwave ENTRY.

 See application

Digestión por microondas del PET (sin control de presión)

Digestión del PET mediante la speedwave ENTRY.

 See application

Digestión por microondas de las emisiones según DIN EN 14385 (sin control de presión)

Las emisiones se digieren de acuerdo con la norma DIN EN 14385 utilizando la onda de speedwave ENTRY.

 See application

Digestión por microondas de filtros (PM10) según DIN EN 14902 (sin control de presión)

El speedwave ENTRY de Berghof permite la digestión por microondas de filtros de partículas (PM10) según la norma DIN EN 14902.

 See application

Digestión por microondas de las aguas residuales según la norma EPA 3015A para la entrada de ondas rápidas

Las muestras de aguas residuales se digieren en una solución ácida utilizando el speedwave ENTRY de Berghof.

 See application



Accesorios para la digestión por microondas speedwave Para optimizar los procesos en el laboratorio

Accesorios útiles que facilitan el trabajo diario de laboratorio.

 See accessory

Destilador de ácidos BSB-939-IR Para una destilación ácida suave con un alto nivel de purificación

La alternativa rentable para conseguir ácidos altamente purificados.

 See accessory

speedwave ENTRY Colector de humos externo Para mayor seguridad y enfriamiento rápido

Para aspirar el aire de salida de la cámara del horno.

 See accessory