Специальная информация

At Berghof it is our conviction to share our expertise with our customers.
Therefore, we publish case studies, application reports and
other interesting articels on a regular basis.

Фирма Kurita Europe GmbH полагается на реакторную технологию Berghof для исследований с солевыми растворами.

Interesting background information about the development of the optical sensor technology of the speedwave microwave digestion.

The group of Porous Materials and Carbon Nanostructures of the INCDTIM uses DAB-2 pressure vessels for syntheses.

The Freigeist subgroup of physical chemistry at TU Dresden uses digestec DAB-2 and DAB-3 pressure vessels for hydro- and solvothermal syntheses.

The group of Chemical Technology II of Prof. Dr. Marcus Rose at Technische Universität (TU) Darmstadt uses Berghof digestec pressure vessels.

The GIT Laboratory Journal has published an application example of the speedwave XPERT in its special edition laboratory automation.

Eurofins is one of the biggest business groups in the field of contract analysis. The division Agroscience counts on Berghof microwave technology.

A breath of fresh air at Berghof Products + Instruments: Thomas Horvath looks back at his first year as CEO.

Berghof products such as the microwaves Speedwave Xpert & Entry used by scientists and chemists all around the globe…